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Secret? by RaiaArimary
A small comic I drew spontaneously. Took me a few hours, cause I don't do comics often ^w^
I like making "sketchy" style comics. Wish I could do more in terms of angles and backgrounds, but for now this is it.
I love making comics <3
Now I need to sleep, its 4am.
After telling my mother what I thought when people made the comments such as "When you have kids..." Assuming I even WANT kids, she inadvertently cursed  me. My mother said (After I said to her that I don't want children) "Who knows, what if GOD gives you more than you bargained for, If instead of one child, you have twins?" then she had the gall to say the pregnancy would happen because of my carelessness.
She cursed me now. I take offense at her assumption that I even WANT a male companion in my life. Don't get me wrong, having someone to share life's ups and downs sounds marvelous, ideal even. Realistically speaking though, I am a pessimist that thinks the worst of people and expects nothing out of life, so being in a relationship with someone sounds like something out of a Disney movie, idealistic and unrealistic.

I've been cursed. I don't want children. I want to look back at this post some ten years from now and agree with myself, I want to be happy, without children, and if I don't have a 'Man' by that time, i want to be happy too.

On a side note, I also found it incredibly insulting when my mother immediately rejected my opinion of not wanting to have children by calling it a "lack of maturity" of mine. If I might add as well, when she said I would get pregnant because of my own carelessness, I tried to refute her and she said something along the lines of "It shows you've never been with a man to know how easy you can slip up." As if it were MY fault that I *Hypothetically* got pregnant.

I'd like to attribute that to living in a sexist society where even the "independent" women can't break out of the female "gender role" of always being at fault. But what do *I* know about anything? I'M not 'mature' enough.

At the end of this sort of yet not entirely unintentional rant I'd like to say:
I've been cursed. Not by words but by gender. I had the *misfortune* to be born a female in a world that doesn't want to change.

Shame on me. Shame on me for being a woman that doesn't want to "be a woman" and do "a woman's job" and have children.

Shame on me.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Puerto Rico
My Nickname is Raia.
I am an amateur artist, that is trying to get better. I'm going to my 2nd year of university, studying something that I'm still not sure I even know what it is, let alone like. (But its all i got, what else can I do?)
I enjoy creating characters and stories for them, regardless of how bad the stories turn out. I have many Original characters. The reason I want to be a better artist is so that when i illustrate my characters I can do them justice.
I'm always willing to make friends, But I'm still too shy to initiate a serious conversation ;) So, if you wanna be my friend, start with quips, things that get me to laugh and lighten up, if it works, I'll joke along with ya!

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